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AsukaBook has a vast variety of albums, books, folios, digital display products for USBs and DVDs, as well as beautiful desk display products to choose from.

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How can I see a sample of an AsukaBook?
You can see samples of AsukaBook products at many photography related conventions, seminars, or workshops . We can mail you sample pages printed on the press with the type of paper and different page finishes available. You may also purchase or borrow a sample set if you do not have time to prepare your own. If you are interested in additional information about upcoming events, or to request sample pages or a sample set of books, please click HERE or contact Customer Care.

What is the difference between pages and sides?
A page has two sides. A 100 sided book has 50 physical pages.

Can I have a variable number of pages/sides in my book?
Our page increments are pre-set. One page has two sides. Most products offer 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 sides, but some offer other options. Our NeoClassic and Heirloom albums all have a maximum of 60 sides. While the Crystal Board has a maximum of 40. The Crystal, Zen Layflat books and Art Layflat Book offer sides in even increments between 10 and 100 sides. Our Vista Layflat Book, Curve book, USB/Keepsake Presentation Book, and DVD Presentation Book provide options starting at four sides.

What page finishes are available?
Many of our albums and books are available with either Laminate Glossy or Matte or Varnish page finishes. Our Art Layflat Book, Art Book Soft Cover, and Art Folios do not have a page finish.

What is the difference between Laminate pages and Varnish pages?
Laminate - The pages are laminated with a glossy or matte finish which makes the pages feel a bit thicker, with slightly more protection from normal wear and tear. The Laminate Glossy finish has a high gloss appearance and is great for images with a lot of bright colours, as it makes the colours pop. The Laminate Matte finish has a soft and smooth finish in appearance and to the touch. We often suggest the Matte finish for black and white images, or if you have a wedding with a very romantic feel.

Varnish – This liquid coating has more of a luster or a satin finish. Many photographers prefer our Varnish option, as it is a happy medium between our Laminate Matte and Glossy finishes.

How does art paper differ from the paper used in/on our other products?
The art paper is an ivory or white poster board-type paper that is uncoated to show the true beauty of it. The rest of our products are printed on a true white standard paper and have a finish applied during production. Contact customer care to request sample pages for your studio.

Do you offer any books with thicker pages?
We offer quite a few! Our thickest pages are offered in our NeoClassic album and Curve book which come with thick, board-mounted pages. The Heirloom album, Crystal album, Vista Layflat Book, DVD Presentation Book, and USB/Keepsake Presentation Book come with thin board pages.

Do you offer any books with thinner pages?
We offer many products with thinner pages including our Book Bound, Zen Layflat, and Art books.

Do any books start and end with panoramic spreads?
Our Heirloom Album, Art Book Soft Cover, Vista Layflat Book, Curve, USB/Keepsake Presentation Book, and DVD Presentation Book all start and end with full spreads, providing the most printing space for your book.

How much sparkle does the Cosmopolitan Box have?
The sparkle is more of a shimmer and adds and extra bit of flare to the box.

What is the difference between a Hard Cover book and an EX book?
We have both Zen Layflat EX and Hard Cover books, as well as Book Bound EX and Hard Cover books. The EX is a Hard Cover book with "Extras"! An EX book includes a fully printed, matching book jacket for additional protection and aesthetic value. This style also includes a solid colour slide-in case with optional Hot Stamp Text, as opposed to a Frosted Plastic Slide-in Case that is offered with Hard Cover books.

What is the difference between an EX book and an EXD book?
The EX book comes with a solid colour slide-in case with optional Hot Stamp Text, while the EXD comes with a designable slide-in case.

What is the difference between Leather and Animal Friendly Leather?
Books with genuine leather covers offer upscale premium natural hides with some slight variations in the texture and colour, adding uniqueness and authenticity to the product. Books with “Animal Friendly” leather covers have the feel of fine leather with a smooth and consistent colour; a great synthetic alternative to genuine leather.

What is the difference between the Book Bound books and the Zen Layflat books?
The difference between the books is their binding. The Book Bound books are bound with our "perfect binding". These books will lose about a half inch in the center of the book to the gutter; the area where the book is bound. The Zen Layflat books feature our patent pending, invisible binding which allows you to fully display your images without gutter loss.

What is Hot Stamp text?
Hot stamping is defined as a dry printing process, which uses controlled heat, pressure, and precision timing to transfer a colour pigment from foil to surfaces of varied shapes and materials. This process forms a permanent bond between the part and the foil, and creates a dry print. AsukaBook has found gold and silver highlight the text best on our products.

What is laser inscription?
The laser inscription is a colourless imprint into the suede-like cover of the Heirloom Album. Up to 30 characters, including spaces, can be included in the laser inscription.

Do book cases cost extra?
No. All books include a book case. If you would like to purchase additional book cases, please contact customer care. Pricing for additional book cases can be found on the price list once you are logged in to your AsukaBook account.

Does AsukaBook provide the DVD or USB for the Media Cases, Presentation Books, or other cases?
A DVD or USB is not included with any of our products.

What type of printing press is used at AsukaBook?
We use a digital on-demand printing process. AsukaBook products are printed on a HP Indigo digital 6-colour press with electronic inks, halftone dot, and 175 dpi. A colour profile has been specially developed for the AsukaBook press and can be downloaded HERE.

What is the print quality of a digital on demand press?
Digital on-demand printing produces colour and texture like an offset press. Our quality is similar to a high-quality coffee table photography book you would find at a large bookstore such as Barnes & Noble.

Do you have a printer profile available?
Yes. Download our printer profile and learn more about colour management HERE.

How and why should I use 'Perceptual' as the rendering intent when soft proofing my design?
To access 'Perceptual' in Photoshop go to File - Print with Preview - More Options - Color Management – Rendering Intent. Selecting 'Perceptual' will give you a "natural" view of how colours should look. This setting must be selected to obtain correct/desired colour in your layouts.

How can I be sure that the colour AsukaBook prints matches what I see on my monitor?
To ensure that the colours you see on your monitor will closely match your printed book it is essential a properly calibrated monitor and to soft proof your design with AsukaBook printer profile and a properly calibrated monitor. Learn more.

Does the colour shift during production?
Color consistency and accuracy is our first priority. Our 6-colour printing press is calibrated every 100 printed pages. This type of control is very rare in the printing industry. Slight shifts in colour can occur from batch to batch, but it is very minimal. Keep in mind that we are printing with a CMYK colour space, which requires a conversion process from your RGB files. Slight shifts may occur consequently, which is normal for any CMYK print process. Again, it is highly recommended to view your images and design with the AsukaBook printer profile and proper monitor calibration so you may adjust any possible colour shifting before sending your files to us.

What type of paper is used in the AsukaBook?
Most of our albums use a standard white paper of various weights depending on the product style. After printing, the pages are laminated with a glossy or matte finish, or a varnish coating is applied for added protection. Alternatively, our Art products use an uncoated ivory or white paper.

What if my AsukaBook looks slightly warped upon arrival?
This can happen with many products when the humidity fluctuates drastically due to climate change. Please lay your book flat for 24 hours and let us know if it doesn't correct itself.

What about discoloration and colour fading?
We use special inks that outlast the life of widely used press inks. A surface varnish coating or laminate is also applied, increasing durability and quality. Expect your book to last at least as long as any standard high-quality printed book.

What if I am not satisfied with my AsukaBook?
We want to ensure you receive the highest quality product we can offer. If your AsukaBook for any reason does not withstand "normal wear and tear" or if your product in any way differs from your designed files, contact customer care.

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