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AsukaBook InDesign® Tool

The AsukaBook InDesign Tool (ABId) has been created to offer an alternative AsukaBook design option and a more efficient workflow to design layouts for an AsukaBook in Adobe® InDesign. It integrates seamlessly in InDesign and allows you to simply setup a book layout by creating blank templates for designing, convert templates to different book types, sizes and number of sides, and export a JPEG files for your AsukaBook order.

Adobe Software Compatibility & Requirements

Adobe® In Design® CC2023 or higher with Adobe® Bridge® CC2023

Download Now

(Version, UPDATED: 07/11/23)

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip the ABId download folder.
  2. Open your Adobe® InDesign® application.
  3. Go to Window > Utilities > Scripts.
    • Note: (Windows Users: Log in as the administrator before starting ABId as the security of Windows were increased with this version and administrative privileges may be necessary to use the Tool.)
  4. Right-click "User" and select "Reveal in Finder."
    AsukBook InDesign Tool Installation Step 4
  5. Copy the ABId folder into the "Scripts Panel" folder.
    AsukBook InDesign Tool Installation Step 5
  6. Close the Finder or File Explorer windows.
    • Note: If there is a previous version of the ABId Tool in the "Scripts Panel", delete the contents first.
  7. In the InDesign Scripts Panel and double-click "User".
  8. Right-click ABId.jsx and select "Run Script."
    AsukBook InDesign Tool Installation Step 8
  9. The ABId Tool will be available under the ABId menu.

    AsukBook InDesign Tool Installation Step 9

  10. Review the application information and click "Close."
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