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Registered accounts will receive one 50% off discount, and three 25% off discount codes.

(1) 50% Off Welcome Studio Sample Discount (CODE: 50% discount one time offer)
A one-time use discount for 50% off of one full-price product that can be used at anytime, without expiration. This discount code is intended to be used for a studio sample and your studio logo must be included on the front or back cover and/or case of a product. If your logo is not included on the cover and/or case design, your order will not be processed and will need revised before it is sent to production.

(2) 25% Off Annual Discounts (CODES: 25% Off 2018)
This discount can be applied to any one full-price product and are valid for one calendar year. Limited to use three times per person for a year. Three new 25% off discount codes will be added to your account every January and any unused discounts from the prior year will expire at that time.
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