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Customer Testimonials

At AsukaBook we greatly value our customers and their opinions. It is always a pleasure to hear feedback about AsukaBook products and our service. Thank you for sharing your comments, ideas, and excitement with us.

Esther Bunning, Esther Bunning Photography

"Whenever we display an Asukabook showcasing Esther's photography we invariably hear Oooh's, Aaah's and Wow's!

We suspect they are admiring our books and her photography in equal measure!

Esther's stunning images and Asukabook are, we believe, made for each other!"

Ashley Hopkins, Ashley Hopkins Photography

Within the past two weeks, I have received the books I designed for 3 unique clients. I just want to write to you to tell you how incredibly impressed I am with your product. The printing is supurb and the quality of the paper and the binding is amazing. My clients have been blown away. These books were so much fun to design and the end result was perfection. Thanks so much for such a great product. They will sell themselves in my studio!

Randy Mosteller, Mosterller Photography

When I opened the box, saw the presentation case, and smelled the bound leather book I was moved. But when I saw the photos, felt the weight of the pages and realized the colour accuracy of the images was exactly as I planned I was thrilled. But most importantly, my client was overjoyed to tears and called it a "work of art".

Thank You Randy Mosteller Photography

Peter Warren, Ph.D. - President, International Education Corps,

Dean and Vice Provost Emeritus
University of Denver CEO
Peter Warren Photo/Video

As the former CEO of a large organization, I have a good sense of what constitutes customer service. Katie Ball and her staff of customer support folks are outstanding in that regard. They are pleasant, personable, and were very helpful when I needed a bit of help in the process.

As a semi-professional photographer, I was looking for real quality in a vehicle that would display my images to their best advantage. The quality of the printed "Asukabooks" far exceeded what I expected. I will be referring my friends and colleagues to Asukabooks to meet their artistic and professional needs.

Kevin Kubota - Photographer and CEO, Kubota Photo Design, Inc.

We are constantly searching for unique and beautiful ways to showcase our work - ways that complement the style of the images and stand apart from typical presentations. I think the AsukaBooks are a major breakthrough in our industry. The presentation is beautiful, contemporary, and easily adaptable to a variety of markets and photographic styles. The best part - everyone we show them to has the same thing to say, "Wow!" It's rare that a great product comes along at such a great price too.

SukYee Lee, Photography by Suki

I just received my Asuka books today, and I just can't even tell you how much I love them. They both turned out GREAT! AWESOME! I didn't expect to receive them this fast! I placed the order on May 2nd, and it's not even a month yet, I already have the albums in my hands! And I would love to thank you guys for checking with me and pointed out the changes that I needed to do after I submitted the layout/design. You guys contacted me twice and I finally got things right. You guys have been very professional and patient on that. I will definitely recommend Asuka to all my fellow photographers and my clients. Thank you guys for doing such a wonderful job!

Daria Bishop, Daria Bishop Photography

We just received our very first AsukaBook and it is AMAZING!!!!

Just wanted to let you know how excited we are and how gorgeous it is. It totally exceeded our expectations. We will be so proud to ship it off.

Thanks for making us look good!

Heather Kline, Heather Kline Photography

Just got my first 3 Asuka books tonight and they're INCREDIBLE!!! Amazing! Beautiful! Prettier than I had hoped for!

The thick, glossy pages are incredibly vivid, the book jacket came out beautifully and the black book cover is so chic!!

I can't wait to give them to my clients tomorrow and see their reactions!!!

Thanks for the rush job, too! Worth the money for sure!

Ben Edwards, Benjamin Edwards, Photography & Design

By the way, the Asuka book I just received Well, it's so amazing I wouldn't consider using anything else. I don't have anything to compare it to honestly, but it's a great feeling to know I don't HAVE to compare it : ) You guys are simply as good as it gets, kudos and hand clapping for you!

I'm convinced your team makes this a better planet. ; )

Michelle Burke, Burke Photo

My customers all love your products, and so do I--and I'm very very impressed with your uploading workflow and packaging. I've had the opportunity to contact your customer service reps a few times, and everybody has been knowledgeable, helpful and great to work with. I look forward to a long partnership with AsukaBook!

Stephanie Bottitta, Little Boot Photography

I just wanted to thank you all for your excellent service. I thought I'd take a risk and go with a competitor and they scored lowly on the resolution, colour richness, page trimming, and above all, customer support. You'll be my primary book provider in the future. Feel free to quote me on your website; people need to know how dependable and excellent the quality of your service truly is.

Silvia Duro Huertas, Akari Digital

First of all, I don't know how to say in English the incredible team you are in AsukaBook. I have received today the book and it is great, very beautiful! This is the second one I order to AsukaBook and I am very happy, not only with the book quality (the better I have seen), also with the wonderful persons who works there. You have solve all our problems in a record time and very pleasant. Thank you so much!

We love Asuka books and we will work with you for all the albums we need. Thank you very much again for you and all the team..

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