Make Photo Book :: Design & colour Tips

AsukaBook wants to ensure that every customer is 100% happy with each photo book that they receive. We want the photo book you and your clients pictured to be the book you get back in the time you were expecting it. As a courtesy, we do review all orders that we receive but the customer is ultimately responsible for their own layout. We love reviewing the files we receive but we don't know what you intended with your colour and design. We provide the following tips and guidelines to ensure that you are thrilled with the photo books you make or receive!


Since colour is so subjective, it is our policy to not colour correct any images upon receiving your files. Everyone has such different tastes in colour and image effects and we would hate to offend anyone by questioning the colour in their design! Therefore, it is your full responsibility to ensure that the colours used in your file(s) are what you would like to be printed. It is necessary that you review your edited images with our printer profile and a calibrated monitor to verify approximate desired colour accuracy and consistency.

Click HERE to read our detailed information on taking control of your colour.


The AsukaBook Order Specialists do review each file received as a courtesy to our customers, however it is solely your responsibility to ensure that your order is free of typographical errors, graphical errors (observing trim lines and image placement), duplicated spreads, and/or poor image quality. It is essential to proof read and double-check all PDF files at 100% before uploading them into our system. Please also check to make sure that you have entered the correct page finish and quantity in File Checker as your order cannot be changed once the file is submitted.

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