File checker

Why am I so important?

AsukaBook has developed the application File Checker which will create a PDF file from your designed files. File Checker is a must use since the PDF created is the only form of file our system allows for an upload of your order. The program will verify resolution, pixel dimension, file names, colour profiles, and number of pages to help ensure a perfect book, in addition to making a PDF file for your new order!

This program is directly compatible with our Photoshop® blank templates, which are available for free on our website. Click HERE to download the templates for designing your book layouts.

Where can you find me?
File Checker is available for both PC or MAC operating systems under the Downloads tab of our website or by clicking HERE.

Where should I be saved?
For best application operation, it is important to save the File Checker program to the desktop of your computer or your Dock (if your a Mac user).

Why does File Checker ask for an Activation Code, and how do I find mine?
File Checker will ask for an Activation Code after being saved and unzipped. The Activation Code is important because it is your User ID, or account number in our system.

Your Activation Code is also your User ID which begins with 9b. This code was sent to you via email, but if you no longer have the email you can retrieve this information quickly and easily by logging into your AsukaBook account and clicking on the "Update Account" link.

If the code entered in File Checker does not match the User ID for your account, the system will not allow the file to be uploaded.

Steps to Use File Checker

  • Finalize your layouts in Photoshop® and save all files as JPEGs into one folder. (We no longer have barcodes on the books.)

  • Drag folder of all designed JPEGS on top of the File Checker icon.

•• If File Checker gives you an error message, please troubleshoot the error by clicking HERE to view our FAQ's on File Checker. Please correct the information that is causing the error and start the process of dragging JPEGS onto the application over again.

•• File Checker will open a dialog box if all of the templates are correct. The book size and style are automatically entered based on your templates. Please make sure the details are correct.

To complete the rest of the information you simply need to complete the selections from the drop down fields and enter a Client Reference which can be up to 30 characters long (e.g. Smith Baby Book or Jones Wedding).

Your final step before placing your order is to click "OK" which will generate a PDF file for your new book order. Save the PDF onto your desktop. Once your AsukaBook order is uploaded, you may move the PDF to wherever you would like on your computer.

Do not rename the PDF as File Checker gives each file a unique name.

What is the Hot Stamp Text File Checker is asking for?

If you are creating an LX, FLX or EX book you will see an option to input a Hot Stamp Text. This can be up to 30 characters long, including spaces. This hot stamp text will be imprinted on the cover of the leather and animal friendly leather books and on the front cover of the red or black EX book case.

The text is limited to the following characters:

When placing your order you must check a box agreeing that you have reviewed your files and are responsible for the final layouts you are uploading.

Therefore, we strongly suggest you review the PDF file at 100% before placing your order. By doing so, you can make changes to any placement, image quality, colour quality, or typographical errors that you might find and then create a new, revised PDF file. View our design tips or visit our Resource Center for video tutorials and webinars on ensuring proper design.

Once the order is in production there is no way to make changes without paying a cancellation fee so please review your PDF before uploading.

You are now ready to place your AsukaBook order! Please click HERE to do so.