colour management

It is your full responsibility to ensure that the colours used in your file(s) are what you would like to be printed so it is necessary that you review your edited images with our printer profile and calibrated monitor to verify approximate desired colour accuracy and consistency.

Questions on colour?
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Monitors and Monitor Calibration

Monitor Recommendations

EIZO colour Edge
Recommended for most accurate colour reproduction.
EIZO FlexScan
Recommended as a more economical option.
Calibration Devices and Recommendations

To accurately adjust your monitor, a hardware monitor calibration device is necessary. These devices are available for purchase from most professional photography and computer software retailers.
Spyder3 Elite
We recommend the Spyder3 Elite for its advanced white point setting option.

Eye-one Display2

Eizo EasyPix

Colour Profile and Soft Proofing

Colour Profile

To ensure that the colours you see on your monitor will closely match your printed book, it is essential to have the appropriate printer profile and a properly calibrated monitor.

  1. Download Printer Profile HERE
  2. Install colour profile:

    Right-click the profile and select Install Profile.
    Alternatively, copy the profiles into the WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\colour folder (for Windows XP) or the WINNT\system32\spool\drivers\colour folder (for Windows 2000)

    Copy the profile into the /Library/Application Support/Adobe/colour/Profiles/Recommended folder.
    Alternatively, copy profiles into the /Users/username/Library/colourSync/Profiles folder.
  3. Please note that the profile will show in Adobe Photoshop® as profile name "ask_fvo_a" as shown in the screen capture in the section Soft Proofing in Photoshop®

Calibration JPEG

It is important to calibrate your monitor frequently. You can do so by downloading (Right click on the Link and Click Save Link As, to download the file) the digital file that matches the image on our AsukaBook page samples. Then simply load the digital file into Photoshop®, use the proof preview method mentioned above, and you should see an approximation to what will be printed. This is a good indication of your monitor calibration.

If you do not have a matching AsukaBook page sample, please contact Customer Care to to request one be mailed to you.

Soft Proofing in Photoshop®

Please follow the steps below to soft proof your layouts. You can save this setup so that each spread you design may be soft proofed using AsukaBook's colour profile. Generally when proofing, it should be very close to your original image; there should be limited noticeable change when you turn the profile on. Having a properly profiled monitor is key to a good colour match.

This process is for soft proofing your images on screen only. DO NOT SAVE YOUR FILES WITH THE SOFT PROOF SETTING APPLIED. In other words, when saving the files, simply keep them in sRGB or Adobe RGB colour spaces.
  1. Open Photoshop® go to View > Proof Setup.
  2. Select Custom
  3. In the Proof Setup window, Choose "ask_fvo_a" from the Profile menu.
  4. Choose “Perceptual” from the Intent menu.
  5. Turn “Use Black Point Compensation” on.
  6. Leave the other options off.

While turning the "Preview" option on and off, you may see slight colour changes as your monitor is now simulating what our printing device is capable of reproducing. Generally, this change is very slight, and acceptable. If this is the case, you can proceed with sending your page layouts to AsukaBook without modification.

If the change is unacceptable, you can make colour adjustments to your layouts, with the Preview still on, to compensate for what you are seeing on the screen.