Just getting started with AsukaBook? Follow the steps below to ensure every AsukaBook order is a roaring success! Please click on the links on the right side for further instruction and detail.

Beautiful 6 colour printing, high quality standards, long lasting printing quality, attentive customer service...what more could you ask for?! We here at AsukaBook are focused on you, your business, and providing you with a high quality product you will always be proud to deliver to your customer. "Our business mantra is to Empower Photographers, and everything we sell and do is designed around that simple principle. If it won't help you make money, or become a better photographer, we won't offer it."

We only work with professional photographers and designers which allows you to provide your clients with something special they can only purchase through you. Our books preserve your client's memories and special events for generations of remembering, smiles, and stories.


AsukaBook products are available exclusively to professional photographers and designers who are creating books for resale to their clients. Though most pages of our website are available for the general public, we do require that you complete a registration form for your photography studio before receiving access to place an order or receive pricing.

Once you have completed the quick and easy registration process, you will receive an email containing your account log in information, promotional discount codes, as well as additional tips and resources to get you started. You will also be able to manage your account information and place an order.

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Before You Design

AsukaBook provides tips and suggestions on the layout of your design. These tips are relative to our template guidelines and book specifications. Please review these design tips to ensure you are happy with your final printed product. The AsukaBook staff does briefly review every order for common bleed concerns, gutter loss concerns, and text placement.

By placing an AsukaBook order you take full responsibility for the layout and content of your design.

Click HERE to review our design tips.

To ensure that the colours you see on your monitor will closely match your printed book, it is essential to have the appropriate printer profile and a properly calibrated monitor. By placing an AsukaBook order you take full responsibility for the layout, content, and colour in your design.

Click HERE to download AsukaBook's colour Profile and calibrate your monitor.

Design options

The many options include our exclusive design software, Asukabook Maker 2 (ABM2), our Asukabook InDesign Tool (ABID), Photoshop® Blank Templates, pre-designed book templates from  or AutoAlbum book design software from Kubota Image Tools and more!

Click HERE to read about all of your design options.

check your files

AsukaBook has developed the application File Checker which will create a PDF file from your designed files. File Checker is a must use since the PDF created is the only form of file our system allows for an upload of your order. The program will verify resolution, pixel dimension, file names, colour profiles, and number of pages to help ensure a perfect book, in addition to making a PDF file for your new order!

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place your order

As we are an internet based company, the most common method for placing a new AsukaBook order is online after logging into your AsukaBook account.

We are happy to accept orders via Mail Order if that is a better option for your studio. You would need to save your designed PDF file(s) onto a CD or DVD and mail them to our office with the proper forms included.

Click HERE to learn how to place an AsukaBook order.

share your book

AB AlbumOnline is a free service which sends you an online link to your album, and is available for all AsukaBook orders. If you select AB AlbumOnline when placing your AsukaBook order, you will receive an email including a link to your digital slideshow of the design within a few business days. This is a great (and free) tool to pass along to your clients, as well as share with friends and family. We also have many clients who post the link onto their blog or website to show off their hard work to current and potential clients!

Click HERE to learn more about AB AlbumOnline.