Photoshop® Blank Templates


Please select the book type you would like to design using Photoshop® Blank Templates.

Note that the blank templates have been archived or zipped for faster download. You will need to unarchive or unzip the blank templates onto your desktop before you are able to use them. We recommend using software programs such as WinZip or Stuffit Expander. Please refer to the software’s web site and manual for instructions.

These templates come to you ready to design in, complete with guidelines (trim lines), as well as the proper dimensions, and resolutions built-in. You will simply need to bring your images, text, and anything else you would like to include, into the template and save them as a JPEG when finished.

Colour Space

Book Style

Page Finish

Book Size

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Notification: The following products are discontinued after 29th April 2017.
- Art Photo Mount
- Photo Mount
- Frame of Gallery Box (Single Gallery Box and Gallery Box With Stand are available)

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AsukaBook Australia / NZ is an international company located in Sydney, Australia.

Asukanet, Japan started manufacturing coffee table books in 1995 and continues to print and bind books for clients worldwide. Asukanet, Japan appointed Pixel Perfect ProLab to be their AUS / NZ representative in 2006 thus bringing some of the world’s finest on-demand printing to Australian photographers.



Asukanet Co., Ltd. is based in Japan. Since 1995 Asukanet has been creating digital photo collection products for Japan’s professional photographers. Asukanet produces over 200,000 coffee-table style books annually for Japanese customers. Asukanet is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market. We are widely endorsed by professional photographers and graphic designers because of the superior quality of our products.


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