Download ASUKABOOK InDesign® Tool™

The AsukaBook InDesign Tool (ABId) has been created to offer an alternate AsukaBook design option and a more efficient workflow to design layouts for an AsukaBook in Adobe® InDesign.

Please read the following information before downloading the Tool.


To create a layout from start to final PDF, the related Adobe and AsukaBook software is required:
InDesign CC 2015 - Bridge CC, File Checker
InDesign CC 2014 - Bridge CC, File Checker
InDesign CC - Bridge CC, File Checker
Compatible with CC or higher version

Please note, the software versions must be the same for each application.

*The AsukaBook File Checker application is also necessary for the Tool to create a PDF for an order. Please download it HERE


AsukaBook is unable to process orders with PDF files that were generated directly from InDesign since they do not include order information that is required by the AsukaBook production facility. ABId has, however, automated the process to convert PDF files created in InDesign into the appropriate JPEG files to be accepted by AsukaBook's File Checker application.

Please note that the design layout may be completed in InDesign, but design files will be rasterized*. ABId uses AsukaBook's standard resolution of 271 dpi for rasterizing JPEG files (260 dpi for Cover/Case). 


The file format is limited to image files. Lines and fonts are processed by PostScript formatted files. To offer an easy solution for customers, avoid PostScript issues related to lines and fonts, and to ensure optimal quality of printing; we have created a workflow that includes rasterizing the files. If small fonts are used in the layout, they may not be clear when printed.

Please note, thin lines and small fonts may be affected in the rasterization. Please design accordingly, and always double check the final PDF file at a minimum of 100% before placing your order on the AsukaBook website. 


Since InDesign files will be rasterized to JPEG (RGB) files, AsukaBook recommends that any objects/file formats used in InDesign be in RGB mode. If you choose to use CMYK images, files should be embedded with Japan Colour 2001 Coated. 


To ensure expected results, please open all grayscale images in Photoshop and convert them to Adobe RGB/sRGB. Undesired results may occur if another profile is embedded. 



Click HERE to for instructions on how to install and use the Tool.

Notification: The following products are discontinued after 29th April 2017.
- Art Photo Mount
- Photo Mount
- Frame of Gallery Box (Single Gallery Box and Gallery Box With Stand are available)

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Asukanet Co., Ltd. is based in Japan. Since 1995 Asukanet has been creating digital photo collection products for Japan’s professional photographers. Asukanet produces over 200,000 coffee-table style books annually for Japanese customers. Asukanet is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market. We are widely endorsed by professional photographers and graphic designers because of the superior quality of our products.


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