Esther Bunning

Esther Bunning’s whimsical style of photographing people may be rooted in her own childhood. As a young woman, Esther moved to the city, where her raw creative talents developed a sophisticated edge during textile design studies. After a stint as a graphic designer, she transitioned to photography, making her name in high-end wedding photography. Recently, Esther decided to specialise in portraiture, encouraged by the demand for her distinctive style.

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Paul Hoelen

Paul Hoelen

Born in New Zealand to a Dutch sailor and an American Nun, Paul has managed to put his many passports to good use before eventually choosing to base himself in the beautiful, wild island of Tasmania. He honed his photographic skills throughout an early career in Wilderness Therapy and still remains true to his love for the natural world.Self taught, travel hungry and with a penchant for adventure, Paul thrives on diversity and has since expanded his photographic repertoire into a much wider range of genres and can regularly be found at various corners of the globe shooting landscapes, event and band photography, art commissions, environmental portraiture, boutique weddings and commercial projects.

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Amy and Mike

Mike and Amy

New in 2017 are our Ambassadors Mike and Amy, They are an award winning husband and wife photography team married for over 9 years. Their studio has been running for nearly 8 years now having serviced Coffs Harbour, NSW and now based in Melbourne, VIC. Mike and Amy specialise in photographing weddings and take great pride when their brides & grooms enjoy their wedding day to the fullest and are blown away by their photos... Nothing makes them happier.

Mercury Megaloudis

Mercury Megaloudis creates works of art, not just photographs.

After 20 years in the profession, he is recognized as one of Australia’s most passionate photographers and is renowned for his zest for life and a highly enthusiastic approach for everything he does. Working through his studio Megagraphics Photography, his photographs speak from the heart and are filled with emotion, joy and impact. His designer images and original ideas have gained him respect not only with his peers, but with appreciative and often emotional clients.

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